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No matter who we are, where we live, or how we spend our days, transportation affects us all. The region’s roads, rails, sidewalks, paths, and ferry lines connect us to jobs, activities, and loved ones.

At the same time, our trips are as unique as we are. That’s why we all have a hand in shaping Boston’s transportation future.

Should the MPO shorten the duration of its public comment periods?

The Boston Region MPO is eliciting input on a proposed amendment to its Public Participation Program, which would shorten to 21 days the public comment period for drafts of and amendments to the following three documents: the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The proposed change to the public comment period is in response to a request from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The public has until March 20, 2017 to comment on the proposed change. » Read more

¿Debería la Organización de Planificación Metropolitana (MPO, por sus siglas en inglés) acortar la duración los períodos de revisión pública?

La MPO de la Región de Boston está recogiendo opiniones sobre una enmienda propuesta para su Programa de Participación Pública, la cual acortaría a 21 días el período de revisión pública para los proyectos y enmiendas de los siguientes tres documentos: Plan de Transporte de Larga Distancia (LRTP); Programa de Mejoramiento del Transporte (TIP); y Programa de Trabajo de Planificación Unificado (UPWP). El cambio propuesto al período de revisión pública es en respuesta a la solicitud del Departamento de Transporte de Massachusetts. El público podrá realizar su comentario sobre el cambio propuesto hasta el 20 de marzo, 2017. » Leer más

A MPO deveria reduzir a duração dos períodos de comentários públicos?

A Organização de Planejamento Metropolitano (MPO) da Região de Boston está fazendo uma sondagem sobre uma alteração proposta ao seu Programa de Participação Pública, que encurtaria para 21 dias o período de comentários públicos para os projetos e emendas dos três documentos seguintes: Plano de Transporte de Longa Distância (LRTP), Programa de Melhoria do Transporte (TIP) e Programa de Trabalho de Planejamento Unificado (UPWP). A alteração proposta para o período de comentários públicos é uma resposta a um pedido do Departamento de Transporte de Massachusetts. O público tem até 20 de março de 2017 para comentar sobre a mudança. » Saiba mais



There are lots of ways to get involved. Here are some options to get you started:

  • Subscribe to the MPO’s mailing list, MPOinfo, our bimonthly newsletter, TRANSREPORT, and our Twitter account, @BostonRegionMPO. Staff will keep you informed about the MPO’s activities and related opportunities to influence transportation policies, programs, and projects in the Boston Region.
  • Speak out! Do you have a great idea? Want to tell local officials what you think? Would you like to meet other people interested in the same issues? The MPO wants to hear from you!
    • Attend an MPO meeting. Check out our meeting calendar for our meetings, agendas, minutes, and materials. All locations are accessible to people with disabilities and near public transit. Upon request (preferably two weeks in advance of the meeting), MPO sStaff will make every effort to provide listening devices, translations, interpreters, or other accommodations that you might need to participate.
    • Submit a comment by mail, email, fax, phone, in person, or online. No matter how your voice arrives, the MPO is all ears! Find us at: 10 Park Plaza, Suite 2150, Boston MA 02116. 857.70287 (voice), 617-570-9192 (fax), 617-570-9193 (TTY), and
  • Advise us. Good planning happens when a wide variety of individuals, businesses, industry professionals, and organizations work together to identify what a better future looks like. The MPO’s Regional Transportation Advisory Council (Advisory Council) is just that: a diverse group of municipalities, local businesses, people with disabilities, public agencies, advocacy groups, and other interested parties. The Advisory Council offers essential, independent advice to the MPO and even has a seat on the MPO board. Attend a meeting or apply to serve!
  • Connect with our partners: The MPO is one of many groups working to advance transportation in the Boston region. Some of its member agencies also have independent advisory committees, which offer additional avenues for public participation in regional transportation planning:
  • Connect locally. While the MPO has a role in deciding which projects are funded with federal dollars, other agencies and municipalities have a part to play, too. By getting involved locally, you help ensure that future investments reflect local and regional priorities. Contact MassDOT, the MBTA, or your local town planning office to learn how to get involved and follow @BostonRegionMPO on Twitter to receive updates about planning efforts.

The MPO is committed to helping you participate meaningfully in transportation planning.

For more information about how you can get informed and be involved, read our Public Participation Plan (pdf) (html) or contact Jen Rowe, MPO staff, at 857.702.3687 (voice), 617.570.9193 (TTY), or