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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Projects

This application displays the locations and details of projects funded in the current TIP and those that are being considered for funding in future TIPs.  

Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Needs Assessment

Using this component of the latest LRTP, Charting Progress to 2040, see how the region’s current and future transportation system interacts with current and projected land use and the environment, and evaluate how it serves low-income and minority populations.  

Performance Dashboard: Transportation in the Boston Region

Use this interactive data visualization dashboard to explore data on crashes, bridge and pavement condition, traffic congestion, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and demographics, and learn more about how the MPO monitors and measures system performance.  

Express-Highway and Arterial Roadway Performance

Visualize or download congestion duration and intensity, and travel-time reliability data by route and for the entire region.

Express Highways
Arterial Roadways

Monitored Intersections

Get information about peak-hour delays or level of service, crash totals, bus routes, jurisdiction, and signalization for more than 1,500 Boston region intersections, as well as staff evaluations and recommendations for select intersections.  

Bicyclist/Pedestrian Counts

Browse counts of non-motorized traffic collected since the mid-1970s.  

Livability Indicators

Explore demographics, available transportation options, and existing transportation patterns by municipality to understand the conditions that support livability.  

Transportation Services for the Elderly

Find transportation services offered to the elderly by councils on aging, elder-affairs offices, regional transit authorities, and private non-profit agencies in each of the region’s 101 communities.

Introduction and Disclaimer  

MBTA Systemwide Passenger Survey

Read the full text of the report on this survey or browse survey results for the following modes:

Rapid Transit
Commuter Rail
Commuter Boat and Inner Harbor Ferry
Key Bus Routes

Vehicle-Miles-Traveled and Emissions

Browse vehicle-miles-traveled, vehicle-hours-traveled, and emissions data for cities and towns in the Boston region.  

Average Daily Traffic

Retrieve annual average daily traffic published by MassDOT since 1962.  

All-hazards Planning

View the region’s transportation network and TIP projects relative to natural-hazards zones, including those subject to flooding, storm surges, and sea level rise, and identify facilities that might benefit from protective measures or adaptations.  

Massachusetts MPO Website Finder

Find the website for your city or town’s metropolitan planning organization.  
For more information, please contact Ben Krepp, MPO Staff, at 857.702.3670 or